Should You Get a Multifocal IOL?

If you have cataracts, you’re not alone. Cataracts are so common that more than half of Americans have had one by the age of eighty. 

The only effective treatment for cataracts is cataract surgery. However, many people are not aware that they can come out of surgery seeing better than ever before.

Opting for a premium multifocal intraocular lens can improve your visual outcome. Keep reading to find out if you should get a multifocal IOL!

What Is an IOL?

Cataracts are a natural part of the eye’s aging process when your lens becomes hardened and cloudy. The clouding and hardening of the lens are what cause blurry vision. 

During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon removes this lens and replaces it with an artificial lens with a power that will correct your refractive error. These lenses are called intraocular lenses, or IOLs, and typically are made of silicone or acrylic.

There are a variety of lenses available, from monofocal and toric IOLs to multifocal ones. During your cataract consultation, your eye doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes and discuss your visual goals.

This process will help your doctor determine the best type of lens for you. 

What Is a Multifocal IOL?

The most basic type of IOL is a standard monofocal lens. This lens type allows you to focus at one distance only.

Standard monofocal lenses may allow you to see distant objects well, but you would still need glasses to view up-close objects or vice versa. As a type of premium lens, a multifocal IOL has much more to offer. 

Instead of only being able to see clearly at one distance, these lenses have a range of focusing powers built right in. With a premium multifocal lens, objects appear clear, whether near or far. 

You’ll be able to seamlessly transition between near, intermediate, and far vision. Most patients with multifocal IOLs will be able to reduce their dependency on glasses or contacts significantly. 

What Are Some Benefits to Choosing a Multifocal IOL?

There are many benefits of choosing a multifocal IOL. When you are able to reduce your daily hassle of eyewear, you get a new lease on life. 

Those who wear glasses or contacts have less time than others. From ordering a new pair to inserting your contacts each morning, requiring visual aids takes time and effort. 

When you choose multifocal IOLs, you get this time back. Because they are a permanent solution to refractive errors, there is no maintenance required on your part.

You can get up and go every day, confident in the quality of your vision. A premium IOL is particularly advantageous for those with active lifestyles. 

Glasses and contacts can hold you back, whether you’re working out in the gym or taking a leisurely walk through the park. You have to take extra precautions not to damage or lose them, and they can become uncomfortable or get in your way. 

By choosing a multifocal lens, you can reduce the hassle of wearing glasses. You can be as active as you want to be without your eyewear getting in your way.

Do you want to learn more ways that a multifocal IOL can improve your quality of life? Schedule an appointment at Rosenthal Eye Surgery and Fifth Avenue EyeCare in Long Island, NY, today! 

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