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What Options are there for Reading Vision Correction?

Despite our fondest hopes the natural, and inevitable aging of our eyes often make it much more difficult to complete what were once easy day to day tasks, like reading a book or viewing a text message on your smartphone, without the use of annoying reading glasses. As eyes age, many people suffer from presbyopia, which is what occurs when the eye’s natural, or “crystalline” lens loses its elasticity, making it more difficult to change shape.

When it’s lost, the eye struggles to be able to change the shape of the lens in order to see things that require focusing the eye, like text in a magazine or small objects used for crafting. Many people then find that they are constantly reaching for their reading glasses to be able to see close up after they reach their forties or fifties.

For the growing number of patients who wish to reduce or eliminate their dependence on reading spectacles, we offer solutions.

What Options are there for Presbyopia Correction?

At Fifth Avenue EyeCare & Rosenthal Eye Surgery, we offer patients in Great Neck, Long Island and throughout the New York Metro area the opportunity to receive the best in procedural eye care. It is critical to have your eyes evaluated, to ensure that the customized procedure recommended is the best, safest and most effective for your individual eyes’ and lifestyle needs.

Chart Showing How Presbyopia Affects the Eye

Vision correction is now a reality for people that have presbyopia, but they may not be right for everyone. At your evaluation, Dr. Rosenthal will be able to determine what treatment options may be the right fit for you.  He is very meticulous in determining that your eye is healthy enough to undergo a treatment to improve your close vision.

The KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay:

The KAMRA™ Inlay is a small, thin inlay that has a hole in the center that is placed inside of the first few layers of the cornea.  It relies on the concept of a “pinhole” effect, which enables new focusing.  During surgery, you will be asked to lie on your back and focus on a light, and given numbing drops for your eyes to ensure your comfort. The KAMRA™ inlay is only placed in one of your eyes, which enables your eyes to work together and improve your full range of vision after the surgery. Your doctor will use a laser to create a small incision in the cornea, leaving a spot to insert the KAMRA™ and place over your pupil. The surgery is short and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Vision recovery is generally rapid.


Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange is a vision correction option available with Fifth Avenue EyeCare & Rosenthal Eye Surgery that allows Dr. Rosenthal to replace the eye’s natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens. This procedure allows the eye to focus light more effectively, correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Refractive Lens Exchange is performed similarly to cataract surgery, the difference being that while cataract surgery is used to replace a cataract-clouded lens, refractive lens exchange is used to enhance visual acuity by giving the eyes the refractive power they need for high function. This procedure is best for those who are over eighteen, may not be a good candidate for laser vision correction, and want to reduce (or eliminate) their use of vision correction aids like glasses or contact lenses.


PresbyLASIK, also known as multifocal LASIK, is an advanced variation of laser vision correction surgery that is primarily for individuals with presbyopia, a widespread condition in which the eye’s natural lens begins to lose focusing resilience, causing near-sighted vision to blur. PresbyLASIK changes the shape of the eye’s cornea into different zones for near, far and moderate vision in order to recreate the capacity of clearer nearsightedness. If you are interested in learning more about PresbyLASIK eye surgery with Fifth Avenue EyeCare & Rosenthal Eye Surgery, contact our offices today!

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