What Can I Expect During Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery?

Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery

Your eyelids and the area surrounding your eyes get affected by aging more than most other spots on your body. It’s a sensitive area, and it’s noticeable when it changes.

The effects of aging, stress and lack of sleep affect this area particularly. These natural changes can even interfere with your eyesight.

If sagging and aging eyelids don’t interfere with your eyesight, they can still be distracting and uncomfortable. Keep reading to learn more about reconstructive eyelid surgery and what it does.

What is Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery?

Eyelid reconstruction surgery sounds like something you would need to heal trauma. And that is one use for reconstructing your eyelids.

But a severe accident or damage to your face does not need to be the reason you get eyelid surgery. Most people elect to get eyelid surgery or need to because their eyelids are not in the shape they used to be.

Tiny muscles that stretch and loosen over time hold your eyelids in place. Slackening eyebrows and eyelids can lead to vision problems and may not look very good.

If you’re having eyelid issues, they can lead to dry eye, chronic irritation, constant watering, and other eye issues. Without treatment, these conditions can lead to permanent eye damage. You can also have your sight partially or fully blocked by lids that hang down in front of your eyes.

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis is an eye condition where your eyelids fall in front of your pupils. It happens when the muscles that hold your eyelids up weaken and slacken, letting your lids fall in your line of sight.

This sagging can happen because of age, tiredness, or an accident that affects the eyelids. Eyelid reconstruction can fix ptosis.

During ptosis surgery, your surgeon will fix your drooping eyelids. They remove excess tissue and fat that accumulates in this area which makes your eyelids heavier.

They also tighten the muscles that hold your eyelids. This tightening pulls your eyelid into a position on your face that is more natural, like what it was when you were younger.

You don’t need to have blocked vision to undergo eyelid reconstruction either. If you don’t like how your eyelids look as they begin to sag, you can elect to have the same procedure.

Eyelid reconstruction surgery can make you look younger and give you a new feeling about how your face looks.

Who is Eyelid Surgery For?

If your eyelids hang in front of your eyes and block your vision or if you don’t like how your eyes look as you age, eyelid reconstruction surgery may be for you.

It tends to be a solution for older individuals whose lids have begun to droop lower. But anyone of any age can undergo eyelid reconstruction surgery. If you want to make the area around your eyes less puffy or tighten the muscles holding your eyelids, it could be for you.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, schedule an appointment at Rosenthal Eye Surgery and Fifth Avenue EyeCare in Great Neck, NY. The results of eyelid reconstruction can change how you feel.

In some cases, it can enhance your eyesight. Don’t wait to change your life in this positive way. Book an appointment now!

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