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5 stars 5
excellent doctor and great human being -
5 stars 5
Dr.. Scherk, as usual was attentive and extraordinarily helpful. No wonder she's a favorite of the family.
5 stars 5
I am forever grateful to Dr.Rosenthal who restored vision in my right eye after a serious complication post-cataract surgery performed by a different doctor. The complication was phimosis (scar tissue) which dislocated the implanted lens.My original surgeon recommended no treatment due to a multitude of risks even though I was blind with 20/800 in that eye. Furthermore, Im in my mid-fifties and still need to work for a decade more in a computer related job function.I found Dr. Rosenthal after two months of research on the internet reading Opthalmology papers. At my consultation, he said my condition was definitely treatable (not a blinding condition) and he gave me total confidence that this could be fixed. He was able to expertly dissect the scar tissue to re-position the lens instead of the less desirable alternative of removing the lens and suturing a new lens. Then he performed YAG capsulotomy a month later resulting in 20/30 vision. Im ecstatic and soooo relieved. I hope my review will help others find the medical expert they need and always seek multiple opinions.
5 stars 5
Very easy and professional
5 stars 5
Smart, exper,ienc. Flexible, honest.
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