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5 stars 5
Very happy. Everybody caring, efficient,etc. Definitely recommend.
5 stars 5
A pleasant and professional experience. Im confident that I made the best choice in entrusting Dr. Rosenthal and his staff with repairing the most delicate organ of my body. My Eyes.
5 stars 5
Great doctor, friendly staff. I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Rosenthal.
5 stars 5
Quick and efficient work zeroing in to identify the problem! Pleasant atmosphere!
5 stars 5
Although I was expecting a long wait, I was seen after only a couple of minutes of my appointment. Dr. Rosenthal was friendly efficient and easily explained my options. His staff was equally friendly and helpful. As an initial visit I'd highly recommend visiting Dr. Rosenthal.Update: I had surgery on my my left eye on Nov. 14th. A week later at my post-op appointment my eyesight was 20/20 in that eye. This was an unexpected surprise as we went not sure this was achievable with my astigmatisms and other abnormalities. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old and to be able to sue my computer, see TV and have clear vision in the distance is truly remarkable.I can't say enough how please I am so far with my results.Update: Jan 11, 2023. It's now a bout 45 days after my second surgery. The results are way above my expectations. I basically have 20/20 vision for mid and long distance. I need 2.50 power for reading glasses, but can read my phone and computer without reading glasses but it is more comfortable with reading glasses.Dr. Rosenthal is doing cutting edge cataract surgery. If you have astigmatisms and need cataract surgery I can't recommend him enough. The result has even surprised Dr. Rosenthal on how excellent my results have been.His team is also excellent and answered every question in a timely and professional manner.I give Dr. Rosenthal my highest praise for his amazing work.
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