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5 stars 5
Two years ago I underwent cataract surgery at SightMD. Ever since the surgery I have been experiencing blobs/circles in my vision field, especially when exposed to light like a tv or computer. I complained to the surgeon who performed the cataract surgery but got no reasonable explanation why I was having this problem other than a snarky well you have an astigmatism. I went to another ophthalmologist in Garden City and all he wanted to do was sell me another pair of eyeglasses. Finally, I read about a paper Dr. Rosenthal wrote with another doctor mirroring the same symptoms I was experiencing and offering an explanation. I made an appointment in Dr. Rosenthals Great Neck office. My first visit was over two hours. I can not tell you how thorough of an exam I received and the patience offered to me, Dr. Rosenthal answering every question I had in detail. I left thoroughly satisfied with the examination and was offered three options going forward. Last week I returned for a follow up visit and received the same excellent examination and thorough review. I am sorry this is so long but truthfully there are so few physicians so capable, patient and truly dedicated to their profession that I didnt want to omit anything. Kudos to Dr. Rosenthal.

5 stars 5
Fast, easy, friendly, clean, competent. Also, Dr. Scherk rocks!

5 stars 5
The visit with Dr.Sherk and staff was very professional and pleasant.

5 stars 5
I highly recommend Dr Rosenthal as a clinition, as well as a surgeon. He has patiently treated concervatively a case of Blephritis in both eyelids for almost 5 months.At the beginning of the week, Dr Rosenthal preformed Laser Cataract Surgery on my right eye which has been quite successful. I put my glasses away in their case. This Monday Dr. Rose will perform the same surgery on the left eye..I'm looking forward to running down the Avenue shouting "It's a miracle. I can see".Also the entire staff are kind, courteous, patient and extremely professional.

5 stars 5
Very satisfying and reassuring care experienced.

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