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5 stars 5
Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal and his staff were consistently professional and competent from the start. His assistants also demonstrated sophistication in the use of the numerous medical instruments that are found in his large office suite, also taking care to carefully and courteously explain the results. Dr. Rosenthal's true talent as a cataract surgeon was most obvious when he operated on my more challenging eye as I could literally feel the intensity of his work, painless, as he performed the procedure. When I walked in, I probably had about 50% of the better eye, but perhaps only 20% of the traumatized one. Almost at the end of this long procedure now, my vision is close to what it was as a young man, at least 95% better. Dr. Rosenthal is a compassionate, patient, knowledgeable surgeon, expert in his field! Mark Shapiro

5 stars 5
i met dr rosenthal tuesday 6/22/21.I was looking to do cataract surgeryon both eyes,.i told dr rosenthal that if dr gorman recommended me to him,,i knew he was the right dr for me.Upon speaking to dr rosenthal at first, i got a warm feeling from him as a caring dr and one who made you feel comfortable about getting eye surgery.He explained to me the options, and was quite sufficent in detail..i felt very comfortable with dr rosenthal and realized he was quite professional in handling all the specific details that i needed to know about cataract surgery.He was quite low key and quite friendly,which i feel is necessary when choosing a dr.In addition,the dr made me quite relaxed and comfortable in his presence.Therefore, i felt going forward with my procedure, was just a matter of timing.I feel very confident in reccommending dr rosenthal to any of my friends or family members.ELLIOT ADER

5 stars 5
Great experience with Dr Rosenthal. Not only is he a brilliant doctor, he is very caring and treats my mother like his mother. We have full confidence in his abilities and know that we are in the right hands. His office is very attentive, Rita, Berta and Danielle have been amazing to work with. It really was our good fortune to be recommended

5 stars 5
I have been struggling with multiple surgeries and conditions for 6 years and this wonderful practice has taken me through the worst. Most recently, Dr Scherk and I have been on a one year experimental journey to combat a frustrating new condition and I'm happy to say that we have won the battle! Thank you all for taking such good care of me.

5 stars 5
Everyone in the office were extremely professional, nice and made me feel very comfortable during my eye tests. Everyone was so in sync with each other. It was the best experience I ever had in a doctors office.

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